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Washington State PTSD & Workers Comp Lawyer

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At Colburn Law, we are committed to helping first responders in Washington state suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) receive the benefits they are rightfully entitled to. First responders risk their lives everyday to help others in dangerous, potentially devastating situations – sacrificing their own mental wellbeing in the process.

If you or a loved one are a first responder in Washington who is suffering from PTSD, please contact us today. Let our PTSD and first responder lawyers help you make a full recovery. We firmly believe that you truly deserve the financial help necessary to seek the treatment you need to make a full recovery.

How We Can Help You

Colburn Law is making a concerted effort to be one of the leading law firms in Washington to assist first responders with their PTSD claims. As experienced, knowledgeable attorneys in workers’ compensation law, we can help first responders in all aspects of a PTSD claim. This includes:

  • Gathering all evidence and proper documentation necessary to make a claim
  • Understanding all the eligibility requirements in order to file a claim
  • Taking care of the paperwork, including filing it to ensure everything is in order
  • Facilitating the claim on your behalf so you are not further stressed or in despair
  • Appealing any legitimate claims that are denied so that you receive the compensation you deserve

We are committed to advocating for your needs, so that you can make a full recovery.

We Help All First Responders with Different PTSD Issues

We understand that PTSD can be a complex illness with multiple facets. At Colburn Law, we help first responders obtain compensation for all PTSD matters. This includes:

Regardless of your situation, we will strive to achieve a compensation that is necessary for your needs.

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Workers’ Compensation Laws on PTSD

In the state of Washington, all workers’ compensation claims are covered under the Industrial Insurance Act. This law states that PTSD that is caused by an industrial injury is covered. IN 2018, Senate Bill 6214 was also passed, which also recognizes PTSD as an occupational disease for first responders. This means that all first responders are eligible to file a claim for their PTSD, whether it was caused by chronic workplace stress or by a sudden traumatic event.

At Colburn Law, we can go over these laws with you, and help you understand your rights as a first responder before proceeding with a formal claim. We believe in full transparency and communication with our clients, and letting them have full knowledge of our process before officially proceeding.

Contact Us Today

Although compensation may not treat your PTSD, it can help you seek the proper treatment without the fear of financial hardship. Colburn Law has the experience to assist you in all matters of workers’ compensation. Schedule a free, confidential consultation and see how we can help.

Let us help you make a full recovery. Contact us today.

Greg's Story

Greg suffered injuries while working on a construction site when he fell from a rooftop due to a subcontractor’s negligence. Greg’s injuries left him wheelchair bound for two years. His case was rejected by more than 80 lawyers in Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, and Renton. Greg worked on his own case which settled two months before trial for $1,000,000.